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Shaping Tomorrow's Success, Today and Beyond.

Whether you need help building a scalable cloud data architecture, visualizing business metrics through interactive dashboards, developing predictive models, or executing complex ad-hoc analysis, we have the multi-disciplinary team to deliver.

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Did You Know?

73% of organizations say data analytics gives them a competitive edge. Harness the power of your data before competitors do.

Data Infrastructure

  • Data Infrastructure Setup
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Lifecycle Management

Data Insights

  • BI Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Cataloging

Data Strategy

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Quality Testing
  • Data Governance

Benefits Of Data Analytics & Engineering Solutions With AtliQ

Optimize decisions and strategy with data-driven insights into customers, performance, risks, and opportunities.

Monitor business metrics with interactive dashboards and visualization.

Increase efficiency by identifying process bottlenecks and automation opportunities.

Reduce costs through optimization of operations and resource allocation.

Identify emerging trends and changes in consumer behavior early.

Mitigate risks by detecting anomalies, fraud, and cyber threats faster.

Uncover new revenue opportunities by analyzing market gaps and consumer needs.

Enhance products and services based on usage analytics and customer feedback.

Accelerate innovation by making decisions based on empirical data.

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Our Tech Stack

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Target Industries

Retail: Enhance customer segmentation, marketing, recommendations, pricing, and inventory management.

Healthcare: Improve diagnosis, treatment, trials, personalized care, operations.

Banking: Enhance risk modeling, fraud detection, predictions, and personalized services.

Insurance: Optimize underwriting, claims, pricing, and fraud detection.

Manufacturing: Optimize supply chain, maintenance, yield, and quality control.

Technology: Enhance software analytics, IT monitoring, cybersecurity, and churn predictions.

Transportation: Optimize routes, arrivals, pricing, and insurance.

Media/Entertainment: Improve content recommendations, analytics, ads, and sentiment analysis.

Government: Enhance policy decisions, public services, municipal operations, and legislative analysis.

The answers are in your data. Let us help you find them.

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Case Studies

Automated Sales Auditing

Industry: Telecommunication

Discover how we enabled the client to achieve over $1 million in savings through the implementation of automated sales and transactional auditing.

Sprint, a prominent wireless carrier, encountered a significant obstacle within its dealer network: a surplus of underutilized data and persistent challenges related to chargebacks, lease fraud, and transactional inconsistencies. Our team developed a robust platform for select dealers, providing them with actionable insights into fraud and discrepancies, along with a comprehensive overview of their organizational sales landscape.

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