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Shaping Tomorrow's Success, Today and Beyond.

From opportunity assessment to piloting, scaling, and optimizing, we provide full lifecycle services for AI-powered automation. Our human-centered approach ensures smooth adoption across your organization.

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Did You Know?

61% of companies say automating workflows is their top priority. Let us help you drive greater efficiency with AI-powered automation.

Process Automation

  • Process Discovery
  • Intelligent Document Processing

Conversational AI

  • Conversational AI
  • Natural Language Generation

Intelligent Automation

  • AI-Powered Workflow
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Automated Reporting
  • Intelligent OCR

Benefits Of AI Automation With AtliQ

Improved efficiency by eliminating repetitive manual work

Significant cost savings from reduced labor expenses

24/7 availability for customer service with conversational AI

Increased productivity through AI-enabled workflows

Enhanced fraud detection with machine learning models

Automated analytics and reporting to support data-driven decisions

Higher employee engagement by removing tedious tasks

More time for strategic projects that drive business growth

Superior customer experiences from faster response times

Future-proofed processes that continuously improve

Scalability to handle higher transaction volumes

Greater consistency in service delivery

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Our Tech Stack

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Target Industries

Banking & Financial Services: Automate loan processing, account opening, and claims, and implement Conversational AI for customer service agents.

Insurance: Automate underwriting, claims processing, actuarial analysis, and deploy chatbots for policy inquiries.

Healthcare: Automate patient record processing, billing, and scheduling, and utilize virtual agents for appointment bookings and symptom checking.

Retail & E-commerce: Automate order processing, inventory management, and product categorization, and implement intelligent workflows for supply chain optimization.

BPOs: Automate data entry, document processing, helpdesk services, and leverage AI-enabled process improvements.

Manufacturing: Implement automated quality control, predictive maintenance, inventory monitoring, and integrate assistive robots on the production floor.

Legal: Automate contract management, litigation support, document review, and discovery.

IT & Telecom: Automate network operations, implement virtual agents for the service desk, and enable intelligent monitoring.

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Case Studies

Automated Sales Auditing

Industry: Telecommunication

Discover how we enabled the client to achieve over $1 million in savings through the implementation of automated sales and transactional auditing.

Sprint, a prominent wireless carrier, encountered a significant obstacle within its dealer network: a surplus of underutilized data and persistent challenges related to chargebacks, lease fraud, and transactional inconsistencies. Our team developed a robust platform for select dealers, providing them with actionable insights into fraud and discrepancies, along with a comprehensive overview of their organizational sales landscape.

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