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Our AI Support for
Your Business Transformation

AI Strategy &

We help you develop a robust AI strategy aligned with your business goals, competitive landscape, and industry trends. Our consultants conduct in-depth assessments, identify opportunities for AI adoption, and craft a roadmap for successful implementation.


Unlock the power of AI to streamline and automate your processes, driving efficiency and productivity. We leverage cutting-edge technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation, and machine learning to optimize workflows, reduce manual efforts, and accelerate decision-making.


We build end-to-end AI-powered digital products tailored to your startup’s  needs. Our experts develop intelligent solutions leveraging machine learning, NLP, and computer vision, and seamlessly integrate AI into user-friendly interfaces, unlocking new opportunities and delivering exceptional value for your clients and customers.

ML Model Development & Customization

Our data scientists and machine learning experts design, develop, and deploy custom ML models tailored to your specific requirements. From predictive analytics and computer vision to natural language processing and recommendation systems, we deliver solutions that drive data-driven insights and intelligent decision-making.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Harness the power of AI to enhance knowledge sharing, collaboration, and information accessibility within your organization. Our knowledge management solutions leverage advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and semantic search to optimize information retrieval, knowledge extraction, and content curation.

Data Analytics & Engineering Solutions

Leverage the full potential of your data with our comprehensive data analytics and engineering solutions. Our experts help you build scalable data pipelines, implement advanced data management strategies, and derive actionable insights through predictive modeling, descriptive analytics, and data visualization.

Our Discovery and

Gain clarity and confidence with our Discovery and Exploration Packages. Through in-depth assessments and conversations, we’ll help you validate your AI strategy, identify potential roadblocks, and provide a clear path forward for successful implementation.

Use Case Discovery Workshop Use Case Analysis Sprint Use Case Experimentation Sprint
Features $ 3,000 $ 8,000 $ 18,000
Problem Discovery
AI Applicability Discovery
AI Use Case Analysis Analyse upto 3 AI use cases Analyse upto 5 AI use cases Analyse upto 5 AI use cases
Approach for Use cases Upto 5 AI use cases Upto 5 AI use cases
Basic Architecture Diagram for AI use cases
Experiments around the AI Use Case upto 3 use cases
Streamlit UI/Jupyter Notebook
Figma Prototype for the AI Use Cases
Implementation Report Any 1 selected AI use case
Delivery Time 5 day delivery 15 day delivery 3 month delivery
Why Choose Us?
  • Skilled Team : Experienced AI experts assisting 5+ companies.
  • Industry Insight : Tailored AI strategies based on deep industry knowledge.
  • Data-Driven : 95% accurate data analytics ensure robust solutions.
  • Client Focus: Close collaboration and exceeding expectations.
  • Tangible Results : Average 30% improvement in efficiency.
Industries We Serve

Healthcare & Medicine



Business Services

Digital Product

Customer Support

Financial Services

Transport & Warehousing

Ed-Tech & E-Learning


What Makes Our AI Solutions Unique?

  • Full-Spectrum AI Services: We offer complete AI solutions, from strategy to custom product development, ensuring a smooth journey for your business.
  • Data-Driven Expertise: Our success relies on data analytics and industry know-how, tailoring AI solutions to your sector’s challenges.
  • Measurable Results & Client-Centric: We deliver tangible benefits, like improved efficiency, while maintaining close collaboration and exceeding expectations.

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